I’ve been having a severe case of nostalgia lately.  I finally got on facebook and found some groups for my old school back in Bandra.  Started looking through the pictures and got home time-sick.  I don’t know why, because I didn’t particularly like school.  And especially not that strict catholic school with its severe rules and scary teachers/nuns.  Sr. Astrid was the principal when I left.  Though I think I made her out to be scarier than she was…she may have been actually quite nice.  She replaced Sr. Maria Rosa, who was a jolly nun.  Very sweet.  Even came to one of my birthday parties, if you can believe it. (I have pictures!)  I heard that they both died. 


Another memory that keeps coming back is the one of my friends and me walking along Carter Road heading north from Pali Hill Road, to get bhelpuri from a street vendor.  A favorite treat.  I can still remember the taste of it, and the feel of that cone of newspaper lined with leaves in my hand, scooping the bhel up with the precious one or two puris the stingy vendor would give us, even though we asked for more, the puri slowly getting soggy from the chutneys, and then the last crunch of the puri when the bhel was all gone.  Washed down with a Fanta. 

Then on to a little bicycle shack, where we rented Choppers to ride around.  We would rent them by the hour.  I think they cost Rs.10?  It was a big deal to me.  Those Choppers were sweet.  I remember sometimes not being able to rent one, and riding on the little rack on the back of one of my friends’ rentals.  So not safe.  But so fun.

My parents did get me a bike.  Not a Chopper.  I don’t remember if it mattered or not to me.

I would love to get my hands on one today.


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