Did I mention that Anju hates taking a bath? I have to trick her…”Oh, your hair is dirty, we have to wash it!” or “Your feet are yucky…they need to get washed.” She agrees and runs over to the bathtub, helps take her clothes off, and very earnestly talks about her dirty feet or hair which needs to get washed.

Once she’s in the bathtub, however, and I turn on the water, she realizes very quickly that she hates getting washed and starts her crying. She’ll think up grand reasons for why she shouldn’t get a bath: “My tattoo! Ah-ee (Anjali) TATTOO! No mama, my tattoo!” [Both she and Nik have to have a tattoo on at any given time. Currently, they have matching pirate skull & crossbones on their upper right arms.]

Or, “I see Daddy? I see Kiki (Nikky)? ”

Or, “I wahn wahwee (water)?”

And when none of that works, she just lets it rip. And then is exhausted at the end.

And then, while getting towelled off, says, “Mommy, I want carry you? Peeeese?”

And is happy once again.


1 thought on “Baths

  1. One thing that helps when my son is giving me a hard time is I start telling him some random you know what happened when A took a bath and just start spinning the story around to keep him interested while he gets in the bathtub or something like ‘tomorrow we are going to dig in the yard and take some worms out (he loves digging)..anything that interests him..sometimes getting new toys in the bath also helps a great deal…hope this helps

    me: That’s a great idea, about the stories to distract her. The toys don’t work, coz she has to have everything out of the bath. Stuff in the tub just makes her cry even more.

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