So I have one picky eater, and one who will eat all day, if I let her. 

Pete took them to the local pancake house for breakfast this morning (fast becoming a weekend tradition, where I get to sleep in a little and then make and eat my breakfast while its still hot!).  Nik got pancakes, and Anju got the french toast (kids portion). 

I thought Pete knew better.  [I always get her a regular order, and Nik the kids portion.]

Because she inhaled that and told him: “I want more.  Peeeeese?”

So he ordered her another portion, which she then proceeded to inhale.  And then ate some of his toast with jam.

Wonder what the waitress thought.


2 thoughts on “Eating

  1. Boys are such picky eaters, aren’t they? My brother was the same, until he became a teenager…Nik will get there, I’m sure!

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