That’s the kind of birthday party my daughter wants, for her 2nd birthday.  When she saw Nik trying to decide what he wanted for his (pirates), she realized that she actually had a say in the matter…and puppies it is!

We were out killing time yesterday, while Nik was in one of his therapies (one of the few where we don’t have to stay, and can leave the premises!).  Anju’s favorite coffee shop was closed for some reason, and so we went across the street to a little gift shop.  She kept up a running commentary about everything that caught her eye, and then she saw this wall of Webkinz, and she almost lost her little two-year-old mind.  I had to drag her away. 

Consolation prize: in the clearance area, I found these cute puppy head shaped coin purses, 6 of them, which I am going to give as favors to the little girls that come to her party.  She carried them out to the car, very happy with her purchase.


3 thoughts on “Puppies!

  1. Sometimes I find children’s toys scary. I always want to purchase the beautiful, old fashioned wooden toys, but get pitying looks from my nieces and nephews. And their “we know better” parents. Sigh.

    me: The old-fashioned toys are definitely better! The problem comes in when the kids have been used to getting the glitzy, flashy, brain-numbing plastic contraptions all their lives, and then wonder why their attention spans are that of a flea. The wooden toys encourage open-ended play, creativity, and can last through several kids!

  2. My favourite line of this post is ‘she almost lost her little two-year-old mind’. That’s cute.

    me: I try… 😉

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