Goodbye Zameen

The sad note today, on Anju’s birthday…Zameen passed away in front of my eyes. 

He had been throwing up and peeing in his area yesterday, so I had put him outside while I cleaned up.  I was quite angry, and there was some yelling.  He was very subdued, and kept away from me all day.  At night, he had some dinner and went to sleep.  This morning, I let him and Surya out, and then got the house ready for the party.  The dogs came back in right as the guests were coming in, and went into their bed area.  I didn’t really pay any attention to them all morning, and then as I was cleaning up after the party, I went over to their beds and he was laying over the side, panting, long drawn-out breaths.  I knew right away that something was wrong.  I called out to him, and he didn’t respond.

He died shortly after.

Surya got up after a little bit and walked out of their pen.  She doesn’t want to go back in, so I moved her bed out into the kitchen.

We are waiting for Pete to come home and then we’ll tell the kids to say goodbye to their dog.

Zameen: February 14, 1997 – July 24, 2008.

*Update* I was going through a limerick stage a few years ago (pre-kids!) and wrote one for all of our animals (at one time, we had 2 siamese, 1 bombay cat, and the 2 greyhounds).  Here are a couple I wrote for Zameen (he used to be my favorite, so he got two):

Zameen was an ex-greyhound racer
When his sis ran around he would pace her*.
On the couch he laid around
Dragged his elbows on the ground
When Pico** came out he would chase her.

There once was a greyhound named Lover***
Who suited his name we’d discover
One hug was never enough
to this canine playing tough
Always judge a book by its cover.


Rest in peace, little guy.

*  I always suspected Zameen was faster than Surya.  But we never really knew, because whenever they ran together, he was content just to run next to her, always looking over to see if she was by his side.  Probably one of the reasons he didn’t make it on the tracks.
** one of the siamese cats
*** All track greyhounds have racing names.  Surya’s was “Shut Up and Drive.”  Zameen’s was “Lover.”


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