Happy Birthday Anjali!

She had a great day…and its not over yet!  Loves all her presents from me, as well as the ones from her playgroup.  We hosted playgroup this morning and I combined that with a birthday party for her.  Everyone arrived at 10 am, and left a little after 3 pm!  The kids were having so much fun, we moms just hung out talking and eating.  Nik was right in the middle of everything: playing, fighting, following the leader, going with the flow, bossing everyone, just having a great time.

Anju kept saying “Is my puppy birdday paaty!” and running around with her new doll stroller and her ladybug costume and letting the older girls dress her in the new snow white costume she got as a gift. 

Will post pics soon.


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Anjali!

  1. How adorable that she’s able to demand a PUPPY theme for her own birthday. I don’t think I was self aware to demand anything at that age.


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