I’m five!

The other night, the kids were sitting with me in my office, looking through toy catalogs while I was working.  They kept busy, pointing out toys they liked, arguing over who would get which toy, etc. 

Then Nik came over to me with a leaflet in his hand and said, “This one is to me, mama, and this one is to Anjali.”  [He says “to me” when he means “for me”]  He was pointing to a set of tabletop sandbox toys.

I looked over and said, “Okay, maybe later.”

Then he said, “I want this for my Sharptooth Birthday Party, mom.”

Me: “You’ve already had your pirate birthday party for when you turned four.  So, if you’d like, you can have a dinosaur birthday party when you turn five.”

Nik, after thinking furiously: “I’m five!”


One thought on “I’m five!

  1. 😀

    to think there will be a time he will wish age stopped! hehe!!!

    damn cute!


    me: I know! I keep telling him that…he just doesn’t get it 🙂 I’m still 29, by the way!

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