Big Girl

So now my little baby wants to try wearing “big gihl” underwear. 

She’s two.  Which she loves to tell me.  “I’m two, mom, I’m two.”

So we broke out the 7-pack of princess (cringe) underwear.  And she picked Belle to start with.  Though I wanted her to try Ariel first.

I explained the rules: No peeing or pooping in the underwear.  If she wants to pee or poop, she has to tell me or run to the bathroom.  She said okay, and then said “I go poop mama.” So we ran to the bathroom, and I plopped her on the toilet, showed her how to hold on, and then we waited.  And waited.  And waited.

No poop.  Then she said, “I’m all done, mama.”

And she’s in the playroom right now, listening to a cd on her player, banging away on some instruments.  Hopefully she won’t get so lost in her musical reverie that she forgets about her bodily functions.

I’m just sayin’.


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