Mama is sick

So I’m lying in bed this morning, trying to pretend that its still early and that I don’t have to get up soon.  My head is splitting from a sinus headache.  Not a great way to start the morning.

The kids run in.  Nik has the stethescope around his neck and he brings it over to me: “I have to check you mom, you are sick.”  [How did he know?!]

He checks my arm with the steth, then my forehead.  Meanwhile, Anju clambers onto the bed with a ring of keys hanging off her arm, and holding onto a pair of tweezers and the little mirror-on-a-stick thingy that doctors use to check your mouth.  She puts the mirror thingy in my mouth and says, “Oh!”  [Must look real bad in there.]

So I play along, but not really, since I really do have a headache, “Am I okay?”

Nik: “No mama, you have a hegget.*  You need medicine.”

Me: “Do I? What kind of medicine?”

Nik: “You need strawberry medicine.”



*His word for headache


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