Oh, behave!

Pete’s been gone for a few days and is due back tonight…tomorrow, as far as the kids know, coz it will be well past their bedtime.  The kids and I were in my bedroom, hanging out on the bed, and Nik said, looking over at Pete’s clothes on his dresser: “Those are Daddy’s stuff, mama.  You don’t move his stuff mom.” 

Me: “Yup, that’s daddy’s stuff allright.”

Nik: “Daddy is coming to our house tomorrow, mama.  You want to see Daddy, mama?”

Me: “Yeeesss, do you want to see him?”

Nik: “Yes!” 

Then, after thinking for a little bit: “You have to be kind to my Daddy, mom!  You have to behave!  Okay?”



2 thoughts on “Oh, behave!

  1. Oh My! How on earth do they come up with these things. So darn adorable. It’s so good you’re documenting all this, because one can forget all too easily.

    me: And my memory went away with the two placentas, so this is my only way of remembering anything! 😉

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