I was a little early to pick Nik up from his social skills class today. I try to get there a few minutes before he’s done so I can observe him with his little friends. Today, they were outside in the yard. His little friend, I__, was playing in the sandbox, and Nik was with five other boys, all bigger (in size) than him. (Not hard, I know!) They were running around, the way little boys do, and then it morphed into a little negotiation of who was allowed to play this game (who knows what the actual game was…that wasn’t the point!).

The tallest boy decided that only those that were aged four and older could join in. One of the other boys, H__, took that up as the gospel and ran around telling everyone, “Only four and older, only four and older can play!” Then J__, who’s four, but will be five soon, turned to Nik and said: “You can’t play, you’re three!”

And Nik shot right back: “I’m NOT three! I’m FOUR! I’m FOUR! I CAN play!”

J__ said: “You’re not four, you’re three!” And turned away. (Ooooh. That made ME mad.)

So Nik came over to the teacher and said: “Tell him, Ms. Kaitlyn, tell him, I’m FOUR!”

Which she proceeded to do. And then J__ said: “Oh, you’re four? Okay. You can play.”


And then Nik came and sat down at the snack table and said, “Time for a snack.”

Because why not quit while you’re ahead.


7 thoughts on “Age

  1. Ha. I love it.

    Is this social skills group just for children with PDD or who are on the spectrum? I wonder about the cultural/ethnic demographics.

    me: The social skills group is for kids on the spectrum (PDD is considered an autism spectrum disorder). The one that Nik goes to is pretty amazing because they have a ratio of 2 spectrum kids to 3 or 4 neurotypical children. The class is run out of a local montessori, so they draw the neurotypical kids from the school. In this situation, Nik and Isa are the spectrum kids, and all the others were neurotypical. The other neat thing about this montessori is that it has a particularily high ratio of non-caucasian children. In the situation I described above, none of the kids were caucasian!

  2. I remember when my boy was that age and told some bigger kid off for the first time. My mom and I were on the sidelines panicking, until he butted in with his now characteristic, “Actually…”

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