We were lying in bed this morning, when Nik looked at my arm and said: “Are you brown, mama? Are you brown?”

I said: “Yes, I’m brown.”

Then he looked down at himself and said, in a really soft voice: “I’m white.”

Me: “No, you are brown too, Nik.”

Nik, looking at Anjali: “Anjali’s white.”

Me: “Anjali’s is brown too.”

Pete told me later that I had missed a good opportunity to address light/dark brown.  I was just so taken aback by the comments that I said the bare minimum. 

I guess I should be more on my toes with this kid!


3 thoughts on “Color

  1. I find this very curious. Who determines/what is the difference between light and dark brown?

    In my eyes, brown is brown is not white, and that’s the diff.

    me: I know. I was thinking about it quite a bit yesterday, and I feel I gave the right response. The kids in school may have been talking about it, so that’s probably why he brought it up. I think parents have a tendency of trying to make every comment into a chance for a lecture or moral. Sometimes, a comment is just a comment, as MsCutePants indicates below.

  2. That’s so intutive of Nik, to be that aware of colour differences at that young an age. I don’t think I was aware of it when I was that young. It’s interesting to see when exactly kids begin to distinguish between variances on skin colour to be able to point it out. I think his statements were more innocent, a fact, but how you felt is a typical response, as any adult would have. We are more guarded and have been guided by society on what’s what in terms of skin colour.

    me: I think the kids at school were talking about it. There is such a diverse population at school, which is not really indicative of the population at large in the community.

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