Over the past few months, Nik has become increasing aware of what he is wearing, and is starting to voice his opinions.  He started by running away from me if he didn’t want to wear something.  I reacted by tussling him to the ground and forcing him to wear whatever I had picked out.  Because he never really cared before, I didn’t notice this self awareness.  After a couple such battles, usually right before we had to leave the house, I realized that he wasn’t just being difficult.  Once that hit home, I started letting him pick from a couple of choices. 

Now, if I am dressing Anju and he is impatient, he will pick out his outfits, and I am proud to say, he really has good taste!  Of course, I don’t stock his closet with crap either, but still.  He has a good eye for color; for example, he will match a shirt to a particular stripe in his shorts.  How do I know this?  Because he tells me!  “Mama, look, it matches!”  And he will point to the stripe. 

This morning, I put him in a pair of cream linen shorts.  He went over to his closet and fingered a short-sleeved button down shirt in a teal blue check.  I wanted to put him in the brown/orange/cream hawaiian shirt which matched the shorts, but he wanted nothing to do with that.  When I showed him how my choice matched his shorts, he proceeded to show me how the buttons (cream) on his choice matched the shorts. 

Then when we were putting our shoes on, he showed Anju which shoes matched her outfit. 

My little fashion statement.


3 thoughts on “Clothes

  1. OMG if that is not the most adorable thing either, then I don’t know what is. And he’s a boy for Pete’s sake. I’m guessing you’ve got an interior designer on your hands because I was exactly the same at his age. I had this eye for colour and I’d remember thinking about Minnie’s shoes with her dress, and all the people’s living rooms (including my parents), whose colours didn’t seem to match. Yay! for Nik.

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