My precious

So, yes, I introduced this movie (or movies) to my son, and we watched them over a four day period.  And boy did he love it.  He was so into the orcs and the urukhai, and then the elves and the nazguls.  And Frodo…he thinks the movie is called Frodo.  “Can we watch Frodo, mama?”

But best of all, he loves acting out the part of Gollum coveting the ring.  He’ll start whispering, “My precious….hsssss….let’s play my precious….” and crawl and sneak around.  Pete gave him his wedding ring (which looks quite like the ring) to play with, and that made it even more fun.   Coz then when we slip it on, he says, a little worried, “Don’t mis-appear, mom!”

He freaked out one of his therapists by sneaking up on her and whispering “Precious…..ssssssss.”

Some random comments about the movie (other than gollum and precious):
“Remember mom? Gandolph fell into the water with the Balrog, mama.  He defeated the balrog.”

“Where’s Frodo, mom?”  (This is a favorite one for him to ask during the movie.)

“They all died.”

“Where are the ghosts, mom?”

“Remember mom?  Who put Gandolph in the tower, mom?”


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