Overheard while making pancakes for the kids, who were sitting patiently at the kitchen table:

Nik: “I think we are going to eat pancakes.”
Anju: “Yup.”
Anju: “Uncle Kunal and Auntie Deepa coming to my house.”
Nik: “They coming to MY house!”
Anju: “NO! MY HOUSE!”
Nik: “That’s Uncle Kunal’s chair.  I think he wants to eat pancakes too.”
Anju (not to be outdone): “Auntie Deepa want pancakes too.”
Nik: “Yeah, Until Deepa wants to eat pancakes too.”
Anju: “I dwink wahtha.”
Nik: “I think Until Deepa wants to drink juice.  Maybe she ask Daddy for some juice. And then Daddy will say “No juice.  First you have to eat all your pancakes.””

[No, my sister and her husband are not visiting…the kids just love to talk about them and include them in their daily activities.  The other day, while we were driving somewhere, Anjali said out of the blue: “Auntie Deepa come in my car with me.”]


2 thoughts on “Eavesdropping

  1. ‘NO MY HOUSE’ LOL Can they be any cuter! You know it’s awesome you’re documenting this cause years from now it will be wonderful reading all of it.

    And your sister must be thrilled that the kids remember them so…

    me: definitely! they are coming out again for a visit soon…because of this!

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