Just call me

Me: “Hey Nikky, do you want to eat dinner?”

Nik: “NOT Nikky, mom, NIK!”

Me: “Huh?”

Nik: “NIK.  My name is NIK!”


6 thoughts on “Just call me

  1. hahaha! Cute!

    I’ve been reading these lil incidents and conversations with your son and everytime I am left laughing.

    me: I find myself choking back laughter during the conversations, because I first, don’t want them to lose their train of thought and second, because I want to memorize what they’re saying so that I can write it down!

  2. Actually isn’t his name Nikhil? Maybe you should have reminded him of that..just to see what his response would have been. Heck just call him that next time and report back to us…

    me: I know…I heard him muttering under his breath “Nik…Nicholas…Nik.” One of his little friends is called Nicholas (Nick) and I think I was afraid to find out that he wanted to be called Nicholas instead of Nikhil. Chicken mama.

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