When kids help kids

On our way home from preschool:

Me: “Nik, what did you do at school today?”
Nik: “Ummm…I did a job for Ms. S.”
Me: “What job did you do?”
Nik: “Ummm…THAT job.”
[its all perfectly clear now.]
Me: “What job was that?”
Nik: “The building job. No, O__, that’s MY job.”
Me: “Did O___ try to take your job?”
Nik: “Yeah…”
Me: “What happened next?”
Nik: “S__ told O__, NO O__, that is Nik’s job. Give it back!”
Me: “Oh. S__ helped you get your job back from O__?”
Nik: “Ummmm….yeah.”
Me: “Did a teacher do anything?”
Nik: “Ummm…yeah. Ms. D.”
[OMG, its like pulling teeth.]
Me: “What did Ms. D do?”
Nik: “O__ has to sit in the chair.”
Me: “Is S__ your friend?”
Nik: “Ummm…yeah.”

And that, dear friends, is how a conversation goes with my preschooler.


3 thoughts on “When kids help kids

  1. It’s ok. I have some friends who are like that and they’re WAAAAY older than Nik…You’d think I’d be toothless by now.

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