I was at Nik’s school for Parents Night on Tuesday. The usual stuff..rules, drop-offs, parking, overview of school philosophy, etc. Then we trooped into Nik’s classroom to meet his teachers and look around. Ms. D  showed us a couple of the jobs that the kids do, went over introduction of letters, sounds, etc.

The kids’ names were on the walls and it was so cute to see his name up with the others. Also on the wall, candid pictures of the kids taken during their school day. Doing jobs, playing, washing up, having lunch. There were pictures of Nik sitting at a job, and some of him in the backgroud of other pictures. There was also one of him sitting at a lunch table with Ms. S and A, the other special needs child.

During the talk with the teachers, Ms. D had mentioned to one of the moms that her daughter, M, always sat with another little girl, S. And that they looked for each other at lunchtime.

On our way home from school the next day, I asked Nik who he sat with for lunch. He said: “Ms. S. And Ms. D. And A.”

I asked him: “Do you sit with anyone else?”

Nik: “No.”

That made me very sad.

[Update: To answer some emails readers have sent me about this post… I was sad because it seemed like he sat at the teachers’ table because none of the other kids asked to sit next to him.  And I started imagining his future school life, the social outcast, etc.  Because that is what I do.  I extrapolate and make myself crazy.  But then reality caught up to me and slapped me in the face.  He has made friends and now is considered one of the class clowns.  Not necessarily the position I was hoping for, but still!]


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