Picture Day

It is Picture Day at Nik’s school today.

I started preparing him for it yesterday, and telling him that he would wear a special shirt today. He was fine, and agreed to say cheese and smile for the camera.

This morning, I tried getting him in that special shirt I picked out, and he wanted nothing to do with it. “I want the tyrannosaurus shirt!” Well, even if I wanted to give in, I couldn’t, because that shirt was in the wash.

So then during breakfast he was very mopey…when I would look at him he would make a point of turning his head away and pouting. Finally, I asked him what the matter was and he said: “I’m sad, mom. I don’t want to wear this shirt. I don’t like this shirt.”

Me: “But its just like the ones Daddy wears when he plays golf. Don’t you want to look like Daddy?”

Nik: “Yeah. But I don’t like this shirt. I not smile for Ms. D. I not go to picture day at my school.”

And on and on.

Finally, I went and got another shirt that I could live with and brought it over to him. He gladly whipped off the offending shirt and wore the other one.

And then got very solicitous and asked me: “Are you drinking your coffee, mom? Is is just so yummy? Are you eating your waffles, mom? Take another bite!”


3 thoughts on “Picture Day

  1. OMG! How darn cute?

    “Is is just so yummy?”

    “Take another bite!”

    How do they know what button to push! MAN!

    me: Especially when he’s repeating the phrases I say to him to get him to eat. Mini manipulator in the making.

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