Taking my baby to work

Anjali, carrying her small paul purse on one arm, brings me her baby doll and an outfit for it: “Put the dress on my baby, mama!”

Me: “Okay..”

Anjali, watching me dress the baby: “I’m taking my baby to work.”

Me: “!”


2 thoughts on “Taking my baby to work

  1. Adorable. And where does Mommy Anjali work?

    I’m sure we all did this to some degree or another but looking back, what is it with little girls and their fascintation with playing Mommy? Is it built into our DNA that much?

    me: I think it is a little of both, nature and nurture! Anju just automatically plays mommy and hugs and kisses the baby. But, she’s also watching everything I do with an eagle eye. Even when I don’t think she’s paying attention, she’s watching. And filing information away. Nik is just as nurturing with his baby doll, but for a much shorter span of time. He’ll hug it, but then just as easily toss it to one side.

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