Partners in crime

Overheard while working at the computer:

Anjali: “Uh oh!”

Nik: “……”

Anjali: “You went peepee!”

Nik: “Yeah.”

Anjali: “You make a mess!”

Nik: “Yeah.”

Anjali: “Its okay. It’s only water.”

Nik: “You help clean up?”

Anjali: “Yes.”

Nik: “Here! Lets use this!” [I hear the toilet paper roll rattling around.]

Anjali: “Okay.”

A little while later, the toilet flushes.

Then I hear feet running to a bedroom. Then to another bedroom. Then drawers being opened. Then rustling. Then two sets of feet running back to the bathroom. Then the water faucet in the sink getting turned on. Then a bunch of giggling.

I finally decide to get up and take a look. They are both on the little stepstool, toothbrushes in hand, toothpaste all over their hands and faces, vigorously brushing their teeth.

Oh, and Nik is in a new pair of shorts.

Anjali: “I brushing me teeth, mama.”

Nik: “Yeah.  I brushing teeth too!”

So I ask Nik: “What happened to the orange shorts?”

Nik: “Its in the laundry basket.”

Me: “What happened? Did you pee in your shorts?”

Nik: “Yeah. I made a mess.”

Me: “Where?”

Anjali, pointing furiously to a spot on the bathroom floor: “RIGHT THERE! RIGHT THERE!”

Then, “Its okay mama. We clean up!”


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