Love, and jewelry

The kids and I were sitting around the dining table last night, having just eaten dinner.  Nik came over to me and climbed up onto my right knee (he does this weird over-the-back-of-the-chair climb) and leaned into me.  And I leaned into him.  Anjali, looking at us with a pleased look on her face:

“You yuv Nikky, mommy?”

Me: “Yes, I love Nikky.”

Anjali: “You yuv me too, mommy?”

Me: “Yes, I love you too, Anju.”

Anjali: “And you yuv daddy?”

Me: “Yes.”

Anjali: “I yuv daddy.”

Then…”He bwing me NECKLACE!  On SATUHDAY!”*

* As he was leaving to go to work earlier this week, Pete asked the kids what they wanted him to bring back as presents.  Nik, after thinking for a while, said he wanted a toy or something.  When Pete turned to Anjali, there was no hesitation.  “A Necklace!”  And she still remembers.

Hope he remembers!