Nik’s really into puzzles these days. I guess he always was, but I wasn’t really giving him any to work on. We had the early knob puzzles and chunky piece puzzles and once he figured those out, we put them away in a drawer under his bed.

Then came the frame puzzles, which his ABA tutors had him do. And because they were working on those, I didn’t…so that he wouldn’t get bored. [Though, they were pulling out the same freaking puzzle day in and day out, so he got bored anyway!]

We were over at a friend’s house and I saw the eagerness with which he attacked a 24-piece puzzle. Of course, it was a Cars one, so that could have been it… anyway, he put it together really quickly. So I bought him a few more, and a monster was born.

He’s whizzing through the 36-piece puzzles I got him today: Dinoscape and Pirate Booty. Good thing he likes to do them over and over. [In fact, I caught him playing with those early chunky puzzles this afternoon!]

My approach to puzzles, and I love doing them, is: spread all the pieces out, pick up a couple pieces and match them to the picture. Then go from there. If I get stuck, I go to another random piece and match.

Pete’s approach: Do the border and then work your way in.

Nik’s approach: Pick up a piece, look to see what’s missing from that piece, then go find the piece in the pile. And for some bizarre reason, it works for him, because he usually finishes a puzzle before me. He never really looks at the picture…in fact, he’ll plant the box cover right in front of Anju and tell her to match the pieces to the picture!

Anjali’s approach: take two random pieces and force them to fit together.  Repeat.

I’m off to get him some 64-piece puzzles…


3 thoughts on “Puzzles

  1. wow!! 64-piece puzzle!! My son is 4 yrs old and loves puzzles too but I have still not tried with so many pieces. Does Nik like Lego? My son loves, loves lego and son and dad can spend hours playing with them.

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