Movie Nights

I started family movie nights on Saturdays. The kids really get into it, planning what movie they’re going to watch, anticipating the popcorn and candy, and just hugging themselves with glee.

We started with one of my favorite oldies, The Sound of Music. Pete thought the kids would like it because of the children and the songs, and they did! Lots of questions during the movie…

“Where are the CHILDREN, mom?” [whenever the scenes didn’t include them…this question got old very quickly!]

“Can we see the puppets again?”

“The mom, and the captain, and the grandma are REALLY PROUD of the children!” [I don’t know how to explain that the Baronness isn’t the grandma, she just has really ash blonde hair!]

And then they’ve been singing their versions of the songs all week long… or ask me to sing them.

Anjali: “My FAVORITE is yay-yay-yay-yay-hoo-hoo!”

Nik: “MY favorite is Doe, a deer!”

I love that they love one of my favorite movies!


3 thoughts on “Movie Nights

  1. LOL! I’m remembering how Nik just kept singing Doe a dear, a dear, a dear….over and over again the last time we were there! 🙂

  2. We have done 2 movie nights so far and its always FUN! Last week we watched Peter Pan and we really enjoyed it. It’s a good idea to watch some of all time classic movies like sound of music. Maybe next week..

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