So cute…

Can’t you just see Anjali in this?

I am really into making stuff these days.  A combination of lack of money and my creative juices kicking in.  I made the christmas presents for the kids’ teachers this year:  sleeves (I like to call them coffee cuffs) for their store-bought coffee cups.


This is what they looked like all ready to gift…


I found the idea on a crafty blog, and of course, now I am addicted to craft blogs.  I can’t stop!


Its all about dessert

We were at Nik’s Winter Program on Thursday…so cute, to see all the kids on stage, dressed their best, singing off-key (or in some cases, not singing at all, but crying for mommy to come get them!).

Anyway…at one point, Anjali had to go to the bathroom, and when we returned, I decided to stand at the back with her, and wait for a good time to sneak back into my seat.

Big mistake.

There were tables lining the ENTIRE back of the auditorium, loaded with platters of cookies, brownies, cupcakes (she calls them muffin-cakes), and other bits of scrumptiousness.

And she saw them.  And wanted.

I gave in and let her have a cookie.  And then another.  And then when she asked for more, I was a wimp and said that she’d have to wait until Daddy came over.  And I was sure that wouldn’t happen until the show was over.

So what did she do?

She marched right down the aisles to our row, went over to him, told him something which made him get right up and follow her back to where I was standing.

Then she said, “Daddy’s here.  I want a cookie.”