Obama on the brain

Me:  “Hey kids…mommy has to go to a party tonight so Michelle is going to come over to babysit you two, okay?”

Nik, after thinking for a while: “Barack Obama’s wife?”


4 thoughts on “Obama on the brain

  1. Man….I wish I was there to hear all this stuff!!!! It’s so priceless! 🙂

    me: It was…at first, I didn’t really think I heard him right, so I asked him (really intelligently, by the way) “What?” and he repeated it. I guess listening to NPR as our alarm in the morning, as well as in the car all day long has had an impact!

  2. LOL OMG I am still laughing…How the heck do they come up with these things. One thing is for sure…you have GOT to email this to the WhiteHouse. Who knows, it may make the inaugration speech…

    This one is DEFINITELY one for the books!

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