Mr. Popular

I haven’t blogged a lot lately. A mixture of reasons, mostly having to do with not being in a space (mentally) where I can find pleasure in doing. And while I know that this is a self-imposed state, outside factors play a big role. It has gotten a lot harder for my children to break in and force me to see their beauty. It still happens, once in a while…

Anjali and I were at Nik’s school on Wednesday, picking him up from his social skills class. They had just been let out into the playground, and the children were running around the playstructures, running and running and running. Nik was right in there with them, taking shortcuts through the structures whenever the other kids got too far ahead of him. His little legs can only go so fast!

The running devolved into a general movement towards climbing over the structures, and Nik went into one of the tunnels. Another boy, T, who is a couple years older, also on the spectrum, called out to him: “Nik, Nik, NIKKY! Wait for me!”

Nik didn’t hear, or didn’t act like he heard, and kept going through and then down the slide. As he came around the corner, I saw a smile on his face. He smiles while he plays. How cool is that.

T was still calling out to him, and finally Nik said: “Come ON!” And then started running again, with T following. I called out to Nik that he had five more minutes of play and then we had to leave. T turned to me and said: “No, Nik can’t go. We are playing!”

I turned to the play guides and said: “When did Nik get popular?”

And W, one of the play guides, said: “He’s always been popular…he’s first pick!”

My little guy. The one I was so worried about not having friends, not being part of the group, wandering on the fringe of life…right there in the thick of it, Mr. Popularity.

I wish I could just go back to me, two years ago, when I was in the depths of despair over this child, and tell her that it would all work out…at least as far as this child was concerned.


4 thoughts on “Mr. Popular

  1. I can just see his smile.

    me: It’s the same one he has in the header photo. That “I’m having fun and no one is stopping me” smile.

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