When I get older…

The Scene: I am sitting at the kitchen counter, reading a book, drinking tea and eating little cardamom star cookies (Trader Joes…got to love that store!).  Star Wars: The Phantom Menace is on (thanks, SpikeTV).  Anjali is at the little craft table, coloring in her book.  Nikhil is at the kitchen table, drinking his chocolate milk, eating a cookie.  Now, the ads come on (again, thanks, SpikeTV).  I am not really paying attention.  Suddenly…

Nik: When I get older, I will wear those.

Anju: You will?  That’s nice.

Me (a little off-balance, as I was reading): You will wear what?

Nik: THOSE!  I will wear those when I get older.

I look at the TV.  There is a beautiful woman displaying her perfect back in a bra, manipulating a little device to change the look of the bra straps. Several other women are shown doing the same thing.

I turn back to Nik: No, honey, you will not be wearing those when you get older.  But Anju will.

Anju: Me?  I will?  Wow!  Thanks!


[I guess this is where I start paying attention to what channel a movie is playing on…SpikeTV’s audience is males aged 14-99. ]


4 thoughts on “When I get older…

  1. ROFL!!

    This is so funny! I better be prepared for all this with my son also growing up faster than I want him to.

    me: It sneaks up on you!

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