A Questionnaire

If I am really smart, I will ask this every year…a nice record of what’s important to them.  Nik is 4y7m and Anju is 2y5m.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Nik: A big boy.  Work at in the hostipal (sic).  Get some medicine for the man he’s sick.    Ummmm…I already told it to you!
Anju:  A big guhl.  Get some medicine for you.  Behave like a big guhl.  Be very nice to Nikky.  Be very nice to you.  Be very nice to daddy.  Work at the office in Samanisco.  Nikky wants to go make some money in Samanisco.  ….Somefink.

What’s your favorite color?
Nik:  Red and Blue and Green.  GREEN!
Anju: Pink

Favorite Toy?
Nik: Tigress  [from KungFu Panda]
Anju: My babies

Who’s your best friend?
Anju:  Sarah [My friend Alexandra’s daughter, who is almost 5]
Nik: [at school] Ryan.  [at playgroup] I don’t know.

Favorite Food?
Anju:  Noodles and chicken
Nik: Pancakes [since I asked this question while they were eating pancakes for breakfast, I tend to think this answer is a little biased.  Normally he would answer pizza]

Favorite Drink?
Anju:  Wahtuh.  I yike wahtuh.
Nik: Chocolate milk

What do you like to do at school?
Anju: Play with Ms. Jennifuh at her house.
Nik: Do a job.  “Horsie find secret number is five” [….?]

Favorite restaurant?
Anju: At the noodle restaurant
Nik:  I don’t know.  I like to eat at the pancake restaurant.

Favorite Movie?
Anju: Beauty and Beast.  Cinduhwella.
Nik:  Wally Robot

What did you get from Santa?
Anju: Princess and the babies.  Santa Koz bwing my babies to me.
Nik:  Dinosaur and Robot.  A Buzz-Off game.

Favorite Animal?
Anju: Zebra

Favorite Teacher?
Anju:  Ms. Angie
Nik: Ms. Dina


3 thoughts on “A Questionnaire

  1. Cute ! Reminds me, my 7 year old girl wants to be a ‘didi’ (maidservant in the Indian context) when she grows up and 3 year old son wants to be a driver ‘bhaiya’…

    me: Anjali has already told me she doesn’t want to stay at home like me. Good thing I’m going back to work…

  2. You are really smart and you will remember to do this next year.

    Just in case you don’t though, I’ll remind you.

    Now can you send them over to my place.

    me: knowing where you live, I think I would rather send myself there!

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