One man’s garbage…

We were laying around in bed this morning, and the kids were being very sweet with each other.  Suddenly Nik said: “We’re not garbage!”

I jumped.  Garbage? I know he didn’t get that from us…

“Where did you hear that, Nik?”

Nik: “I said it.  We’re not garbage.”

Me: “Did you hear that at school?  Did someone say that to you at school?”

Nik: “Yeah.  R___.  He said I am garbage.”

Me: “What happened?”

Nik: “R___ said I am garbage and Ms. Dina said he has to go sit in the chair.”


Me: “You know what?  You’re NOT garbage.  You are my treasure.  You both are my treasures.”

Nik: “NO we’re not!  We’re not treasures!  We’re KIDS!”

Anju: “YOU are my treasure-box, mommy.”


3 thoughts on “One man’s garbage…

  1. Words ! Tossed at a 3- year-old jewel!

    There’s a saying in Tamil:The garbage can yield the rarest of gems!

    me: I’ve never heard that, but I like it! I’m not too bothered by it anymore…he’s going to hear a lot more in his life, I just want him to learn to handle it, and realize that the nasty things others say about/to him are just that, nasty words. He is the best judge of what/who he is.

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