Happy together

Starting next Monday, I will be going back to work.  I’ve taken a short-term audit position with a local CPA firm to get them through the tax period.  It’s a good way to get my foot back in the water, so to speak, after being out of the workforce for 2.5 years (5.5 years if you count being employed…I did consulting work after Nik was born, but stopped that after Anju was born and we received Nik’s diagnosis.)


Anju will be attending Nik’s preschool…the teacher thinks that she will do great, since she is so verbal, and toilet-trained.  Anju is looking forward to it too, but nervously asks me: “Mommy, ye pick me up laytuh?”

And now she’s taken to following me everywhere I go in the house.  If I run upstairs to get something, I catch her on the stairs as I’m coming back down.  Even if she was in the middle of eating.  If you know Anju, you’ll know that that is huge.

I was a little hesitant breaking the news to Nik, that his little sister was going to be attending his preschool.  Not just going to his school, but that she would be in the same class as him, competing for the same teacher’s attention, etc.

And true to form*, Nik surprised me by his joy at the idea.  After thinking about it for a little bit, he said: “We have to get her a cubby to put her stuff.”

And then gave her a hug.

To which she responded by giving me a startled look followed by a big smile and: “He yuvs me, Mommy!  He not mad!  He happy!”

*When Anjali was born, we were very afraid of introducing her to Nik.  He was so unpredictable, so tempermental, that we thought he would hate her and want to hurt her.  We didn’t want Pete’s mom to bring him to the hospital.  But she would hear none of that and brought him anyway.  And I am so glad she did.  Because he took one look at her and was the most gentle, the most curious, the most loving big brother a little girl could ever have.


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