Who’s your President?

As I was rushing the kids through getting ready this morning, I momentarily forgot how momentous this day was slated to be.  And then, as I got into the car, and turned on NPR, I remembered.

Along with remembering that I had forgotten to record the inauguration.

I looked in the rear view mirror at the kids who were settling into their seats, grumbling about how it was not quite daytime yet, and asked: “Who’s going to be our new President today?”

Both kids, immediately: “Barack OBAMA!”

That’s right.

What a day.


3 thoughts on “Who’s your President?

  1. Obama took up his office with a lot of class — a good way to start

    me: I agree…he is such an elegant figure, both in looks, personality, and diction. I’m looking forward to his term as president.

  2. yeah!!! what a day 🙂

    me: I was so bummed that I couldn’t watch the inauguration as it was happening…it was my 2nd day back at work. I had to go in right as they were announcing the veeps arriving. Oh well…the internet is a beautiful thing…never ending access to whatever you want, right?

  3. But of course Nik would know. Have you read my blog yet? I posted one of your own posts and helped my self to the title as well. And I tell everyone that little anecdote…and it never fails to make people laugh. So, thank you!

    me: How funny to think of people unknown to us knowing and enjoying Nik. Not you, I feel like I know you…

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