A gang of two

Me: What did you two do in school today?

Anju: Nufink?  I just payed.  I payed with me babies.

Me: Did you do a job for your teacher?

Anju: Yes!  I did a tea job, and…

Nik: I did a FISHING job!

Anju: …and I payed paydoh.  I toed S___ there is no woom foh him at the paydoh table.  Onie woom for my bwuther.

Nik: Only brothers and sisters can do playdoh at the table.  No one else!

Me: Was there really no room at the table or were you both being mean to S___?

Anju: Ummm…no WOOOM!

Nik: He didn’t know the rules!  Only brothers and sisters!

I knew I made the right decision to have them at the same preschool when I went back to work.





P.S.     S___’s mom was picking him up from school when I got there this evening.  She was just so taken with Anju, kept saying how she was already talking!  And so smart!  And how much S___ liked her!  And how S___couldn’t stop talking about his new friend Anjali.


That’s right, S___.  Just get in line.  It starts over there, by the door.


One thought on “A gang of two

  1. Do you know why I like reading your blog? Cause of two little adorable kids named Nik and Anjali. They are just so darn cute. How is the new job?

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