Tell me a story

Me: “Tell me a story, Nik.  Once upon a time…”

Nik: “Once upon a time, a witch came by a duck.  Then a good knight came by the house.  The knight was on the chimney and killed the witch into the lake and she died.

Then, the king and the queen were SO happy for the duck.”

Me: “Is that the end?  Is the story over?”

Nik: “No.  Then ANOTHER witch came by and everything went BOOM!”

Love the trick ending.


You look nice

In the midst of rushing about this morning, getting ready for work, Nik, watching me brush my hair, says quietly: “You look nice, mommy.”

And I stop, and look at him, and see him looking at me seriously, no smile on his face, and I smile at him, reach out my hand and say “Thanks, bubba!”

And he smiles and then grins and runs to me and nuzzles into my side.

Then hops away and we are swept up again in the morning rush.