The second man

All of our conversations seem to happen in the car…

Nik: “Mom, can we get in a rocket and blast off to the moon?”

me: “Well…maybe you will, one day.”

Nik: ” There’s nuffink on the moon.  It is empty.”

me: “Actually, there is something on the moon…the American flag.”

Nik: “What?!  Who put it there!?”

me: “The first man who walked on the moon…Neil Armstrong.”

Nik: “Who was the second man?”

me: “I don’t remember…” [I’m so embarrassed…and I used to be such a space nut]

Nik: “He remembers.”

me: “Yes, Nik….I’m sure he does.”



Nik: “Mom!  A caterpillar is a worm and then it goes into its house and then it becomes a butterfly!”

Me: “That’s right, Nik…a caterpillar is a worm, and it spends its first few days eating and eating until it becomes really full and fat.  Then it makes a home for itself called a pupa.  It stays there for some time, and then it breaks its home open and when it comes out…”

Nik: “It is a BUTTERFLY!”

Then, “The caterpillar is a TRANSFORMER!”

Wow.  Just…wow.