The second man

All of our conversations seem to happen in the car…

Nik: “Mom, can we get in a rocket and blast off to the moon?”

me: “Well…maybe you will, one day.”

Nik: ” There’s nuffink on the moon.  It is empty.”

me: “Actually, there is something on the moon…the American flag.”

Nik: “What?!  Who put it there!?”

me: “The first man who walked on the moon…Neil Armstrong.”

Nik: “Who was the second man?”

me: “I don’t remember…” [I’m so embarrassed…and I used to be such a space nut]

Nik: “He remembers.”

me: “Yes, Nik….I’m sure he does.”


4 thoughts on “The second man

  1. Priya,

    Your stories about Nik are incredibly adorable and he is growing up quickly and strongly. I wish and pray the very best for your family.

    I came across your site looking for toys for my son. I gave birth a couple of months back and am not very fond of the big shop toys with need for tons of batteries. So, am looking for toys that will help my sons motor and congnitive and creative skills. While the toys you sell are of extreme interest to me, I do not have much information on what age group these toys are for. So, if you would be kind enough to add this information, it will greatly benefit those of us looking to shop for similar toys.

    Good luck and if you live in the bay area, maybe we can synch up. I live in San Jose and am very interested in making new friends in and around the area. Would love to hear from you.


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