I choose

Anjali, out of the blue: “Amber didn’t give me rice last night for dinner, mom!”

me: “Did you ask her for the rice?”

Anjali: “No…? But I wanted rice.”

me: “Well, she can’t read your mind, so if you wanted rice, you should have asked her for it.”

Anjali: “I AST HER!  Her couldn’t find it!”

me: “I showed you where it was in the fridge, did you show it to her?”

Anjali: “No…? But her couldn’t find it.”

me, exhausted: “Okay, Anju, what did Amber give you for dinner then?”

Anjali: “Hambuhguh!”

me: “Oh.  Did you eat it?”

Anjali: “Well…?  I didn’t choose hambuhguh… Amber said that was my choice…but my choice is rice, so I choose to not eat.”

Okay then.


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