We are running through the list of things the kids want to put in their backpacks to take on our trip. 

Nik: “My little transformer book, my bumblebee, ALL my Star Wars Clone Wars people…”

Anjali: “Dwawing paypuh, mahkers, gum.  Can I take gum?”

Me: “Sure!  What movies do you want to watch on the plane?”

Nik: “Transformers!  And Star Wars!”

Anjali: “Cinduhwewwa, Sweeping Beudy…”

Nik: “Cinderella.  Yeah, Cinderella.  And ALL the Harry Potter movies.  And the one with the dragons.  And Jackson’s game?”

Me: “Yes, you can take Jackson’s game [a Nintendo ds loaner from a friend]”

It gets quiet in the back of the car, then,

Anjali: “Mommy, can you take a bwanket for me in case I get tiy-uhd?  Coz I might get tiy-uhd on the pwane and then I need a bwanket.”

How does she even know these things…the forethought, the planning…an old soul in a little body.


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