Strangers – Part I

At O’Hare, waiting to pay for lunch, and Anjali strikes up a conversation with a businessman in line behind us.  He comments on her pretty dress, she shows him her nail polish, he enthuses over her nails, she preens, and twirls.

I pay, get the food, and take the kids over to our gate to wait for boarding.  As I pass out slices of pizza, Anjali says, “He’s a nice man.  He yiked my nail polish!”

me: “But he was a stranger.  What are our rules about strangers?”

Anjali, extremely offended: “But he was WHITE!  And he didn’t have a MEAN HOUSE!”

Me: “..!!..!!..!!..!!..”

Me: “Anjali!  I did not know that man.  If I don’t know him, he is a STRANGER!”

Anjali, furious: “BUT HE WAS WHITE!”

Oh. My. God.

Me: “Anjali.  He can be white. black. blue. yellow. green.  I did not know him.  So. He. is. a. Stranger.”

Anjali: “Hmpf!”

And turns away from me.  And eats her pizza.

And I look up to see a black man across the aisle, and a white lady behind Anjali, both looking at me, both smiling, both giving me approving nods.

She definitely needs some more instruction in stranger-danger!


5 thoughts on “Strangers – Part I

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  2. I remember reading a newspaper article that an experiment was conducted among pre schoolers in America where the class was shown a huge poster of supermodels and another of regular, mixed race people. The toddlers are preferred the all white , beauties. Children can’t help it. We have to train them. And you seem to be doing a good job of it.

  3. wow! its amazing how kids pick up such stuff!

    and you did a super job! 🙂

    keep reading your blog off and on and wanted to tell ya totally love it!


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