Nik walks into Anjali’s bedroom as she is getting into her pajamas.  I ask him to turn off the light in his room and he says, “Just a minute, mom.”

Me: “Okaaaay…?”

He turns to Anjali with a knowing look on his face and then says, “Mom, I want to tell you something.”

Me: “Okaaaay…?”

Nik: “Anjali?  At school today, did you say that A______ was handsome?”

Me: !!!!!!!!

Anjali, with a tiny smile on her face: :Yeah?  Yes I did.”

Nik: “I remember you said that.”

Me: “Huh!”

Nik: “I’m going to turn the light off now, mom.”

Me: “Okay!”


One thought on “Handsome

  1. lol what did they even mean..where do they pick such stuff..free

    me: I know! What the heck was that smile?! I totally didn’t even ask any questions, because it is so innocent. However, I have to say that I have heard some of the older kids (5-6 yr olds) talking about marriage and love. Like they are oh-so-worldly! Too funny.

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