God, Part 2

Nik, looking curiously at my face: “Why did God make those, mom?”

Me: “make what, exactly?”

Nik: “Those things on top of your eyes.”

Me: “Eyebrows?”

Nik: “Yeah.  Eyebrows.”

Me, waggling my eyebrows up and down: “So we could do this!”

Nik, not very amused, but humoring me: “Why did he make toes?”

Me: “So we could keep our balance and not tip over when we walk?” {Not sure if this is right!}

Nik: “And hands, and fingers?”

And really, when you stop to think about it, like I was forced to, it really is a series of miracles, isn’t it, that all these parts that make up our whole, are fitted just so, precisely so, to do their given tasks, without which, the rest of our whole would falter.

The brain touches that thought, and then skitters away…


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