We were in the car, on our way home from school, and somehow we got onto the topic of Zameen (one of our greyhounds who died last year). We do not sugar coat death when talking to the kids, it just didn’t seem right.  (Nik went with Pete to take Zameen to the vet to be cremated.)

Anjali: “Zameen died Mommy.  He died on his bed.”

Me: :Yes, he died last year.”

Nik: “He died and now he is at God.”

Me: “Yes, he is with God.”

Anjali: “Where is God?”

Nik: “Up in the sky. In heaven.”

Me (being very careful): “Well…we believe, that is, I believe that God is everywhere.  All around us.  In everything that is alive.”

Nik: “Yeah.”

Anjali: “God is everywhere?”

Me: “Yes.”

Anjali: “And Zameen is with God?”

Me, seeing the inevitable coming: “Yes.”

Anjali, after a pause: “Then Zameen is everywhere?”

Me: “Well…”

Anjali, tripping over herself with an epiphany: “Maybe God is with his FAMILY!  And Zameen is with THEM!  On his bed.”

Me, trying not to cry: “Yes.  That sounds good, doesn’t it?”

Anjali: “Yes.  I think he’s happy.”

I think so too.


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