Long time gone…

And it’s certainly been a while since I’ve posted…

I had some unsavory sorts contact me through my blog, and that drove me to stay away for a while.  It just felt tainted to me, but it has been always on my mind, and I’ve regretted the posts I haven’t written.  While facebook has been the happy recipient of my kids’ witticisms and pics, it doesn’t seem as permanent or easily read as this blog…so I am back.

I also have another idea for a blog that came about from some pics I was posting on facebook…when it’s ready, I’ll share!

In the meantime, here’s something from Nik to hold you over…

Nik (lying down with me on the couch): I really love you mom.
Me: I love you too, Nik.
Nik: I don’t want you to die.
Me: Will you miss me when I’m dead?
Nik: Yeah. (sniffs a little, then…) There’s so much I don’t know how to do.
Me: Like what?
Nik: I don’t know how to get a job…
Me: Don’t worry, baby, I’ll help you, and your teachers in college will too, and your dad will.

Poor little guy.  The weight of the world is already becoming a burden…


4 thoughts on “Long time gone…

  1. Interesting how the kids are always so worried about the practical aspects of life.
    Emotional aspects flare in us much later, is it?

    nice to see you back and hope the unsavory ones stay away 🙂

  2. It so wonderful to read your blog again !! Was hoping you would come back one day. You SHOULD continue to blog. This is a blog I look forward to reading.

  3. Long time lurker finally commenting, since you’re back after a hiatus! What can I say – I just love reading about your children! I do not remember what first brought me to this blog – some random google search – but the pic of the lil boy with the bright eyes and the sweet smile drew me in and I think I consumed most of the blog in that first reading! Since then I’ve stopped by occasionally to check in on Nik and Anjali and their loving mother. Hope that isn’t too creepy? I assure you I am not one of those “unsavory” types! I don’t know I just felt some kind of empathy with you – my life couldn’t be more different (and yet similar) to yours – it just happens sometimes, no? I would pick up on some glimpses of sadness in between lovingly narrated episodes, and though I felt like such a voyeur, I also felt this wish that your children should go through life all ok…(actually I wish that for all children.) Anyway, just thought I’d leave a comment. I really hope your business pursuits take off. I hope you find love and happiness and support as you go along life raising two beautiful children…And I hope you keep writing:)

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