Favorites. Anjali, December 2011

Color: Pink
Friend: Lilah “because she’s always funny.  When she got gum, she put it in her mouth, then in her jewelry box!”
Drink: Hot cocoa
Food: blackberries
Dessert: Cupcakes
Toy: Kanani (American Girl doll)
Thing at School: 45 layout (math)
Teacher: Ms. Dina
Animal: Horse; and Zoe (our labradoodle)
Restaurant: Curry Club
Movie Character: Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
Movie: Rapunzel (Tangled)
Icecream: Mint chocolate chip
Game: Mousetrap
Vacation: Dallas
Season: Summer “because you get to go play in the water.”
Book: Knuffle Bunny.


Favorites. Nik, December 2011.

Color: Blue
Friend: Skylar (“Hard to explain why.  Just a really good friend.”)
Drink: Hot cocoa.
Dessert: Brownies
Food: Chutney sandwich
Toy: Army guys
Thing at school: Math process
Teacher: Ms. Olivia
Animal: Cheetah; and Zoe (our labradoodle)
Restaurant: Chicago Fire
Movie Character: Spiderman
Movie: Cats and Dogs
Icecream: Cookies n Cream
Game: Indiana Jones on xbox
Vacation: Santa Cruz
Season: Winter “because you get to open presents when you’ve been nice.”
Book: “How to be a Super Villian.”