Visit to the doctor.

Took Nik to the doctor today for an infected ingrown nail on his finger. The doctor was so fascinated by him, he spent about an hour talking to him. Really. Anjali kept whispering to me when could we leave, please?! Among the topics of conversation: how one becomes a ninja, the singular and plural forms of ninja, what Nik want to be when he grows up (a game inventor), designing a building taller than any other in the world, jet pack dancing (don’t ask), old people and their rates of healing (doctor’s reason, poor circulation; Nik’s reason, they don’t drink enough water), comparing old people to deteriorating houses, building tree houses with parts of deteriorating houses, Nik’s matter-of-fact acceptance of aging (“that’s just the life cycle of people”)…

At the end, the nurse came in to see what was keeping the doctor so long. He gave Nik an affectionate hug as we left.


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