I’m not ready.

So somehow, I found myself explaining to Anjali the change that happens to girls when puberty hits. Good lord. Thankfully, it was a brief explanation. But here is the thread of conversation that led up to it:
Me: “I won’t take the popovers out until the top is a big poof.”
Anjali: “Did you say PINK POOP?!!!”
Me: “No!”
Anjali: “Because can that happen? Pink poop?”
Me: “Not unless all you ever ate was pink cotton candy and pink everything, I guess?”
Anjali: “Well, I saw pink pee one day in the toilet…”
Me: “WHAT? at home?”
Anjali: “No, at the bathrooms in the theatre…”
Me: “Okay, phew.”
And then the conversation progressed down the path I was not ready to take, when my daughter is 5 years old.
But I did it, and it was okay.


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