Anticipatory review: The Forever Marriage

I don’t know if any one has ever written a review of a book they haven’t read (or admitted to it!), but I have to say, I am looking forward to reading Ann Bauer’s The Forever Marriage.

In reading the author’s journey towards getting the book published (see her blog post), I was struck by how much the protagonist, Carmen, sounded like me: manipulative, secretive, mean, uncaring… these are all ways I have been over the years.  Not easy to admit, as I commented on Ann’s post:

“I read your post and said to myself, “That Carmen sounds just like me.” I have done and felt so many things in my life that have been purely selfish and mean and manipulative. I haven’t voiced them to anyone for fear of people looking at me in horror, and some things I can’t even think about for fear of thinking myself a monster. But we all go through that (I hope) and anyone who says otherwise is deluding themselves. The fact that your novel has received praise from older women sort of proves that, in my opinion, because it takes age and wisdom (not necessarily correlated) to be that honest with yourself. It may be a hard book to read, but I look forward to it. If only to receive validation and hope.”

 How many of us can come to terms with that? It is an overwhelming concept; we don’t want to admit that we have not made the right choices through our lives. But here we are, the product of all those choices. And we either face it and proceed or ignore it and flail through the rest of the years we have on earth.
In one of those pathways lies the fleeting chance for living the rest of your life purposefully.

How to write like a seven year old

Nik: “Mom, I want to write an article about how to give your mom a massage by walking on her back.”
Me: “Okay?”
Nik: “And I want to send it to a magazine so that they can put it in there so people can read it.”
Me: “…….”
Nik: “Do you think I could write articles like that when I grow up?  Because I think I could do that, and it would be a way I could make money?  I think I could do that?”
Me: “That’s a great idea, Nik.  Why don’t you write that article when we get back home from school tonight?  I think you write very well now, and will get even better the more you write.”
Nik: “Yeah, I think I want to write articles for magazines.  Because I don’t think it will be that hard to do.  And I think I could do it.”

I love the fact that he is thinking so hard about what he wants to do when he grows up.

But starting now.