How to write like a seven year old

Nik: “Mom, I want to write an article about how to give your mom a massage by walking on her back.”
Me: “Okay?”
Nik: “And I want to send it to a magazine so that they can put it in there so people can read it.”
Me: “…….”
Nik: “Do you think I could write articles like that when I grow up?  Because I think I could do that, and it would be a way I could make money?  I think I could do that?”
Me: “That’s a great idea, Nik.  Why don’t you write that article when we get back home from school tonight?  I think you write very well now, and will get even better the more you write.”
Nik: “Yeah, I think I want to write articles for magazines.  Because I don’t think it will be that hard to do.  And I think I could do it.”

I love the fact that he is thinking so hard about what he wants to do when he grows up.

But starting now.


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