Swanning around…

Had the melody of Swan Lake floating through my head and couldn’t help but hum it out loud to get it out of my system. Nik raised his eyebrows and went back to eating lunch; Anjali tried to interrupt me by saying, “If I can’t sing, YOU can’t sing!”

Sometimes I just have to ask her to stop, or she’d hum all day long….


Switch Witch- Part Two

And another facet has been added to the legend of the Switch Witch...

Me: (driving home a few minutes ago in the rain with the kids, realizing that I’d forgotten to get the Switch Witch gifts): “Hey kids, we’ll have to leave the candy out tomorrow night. The Switch Witch doesn’t fly in the rain.”

Anjali:”Why can’t she drive her car?”

Me:”She doesn’t have a car, she flies everywhere on her broom. And if the broom gets wet, it won’t fly.”

Anjali:”Darn it!”

Me:”Yeah…that’s too bad…you’ll have to hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow night. Hey! She’s probably at home drinking hot chocolate!”

Anjali:”And talking to her cat. All three of them. And they are all black cats. I wonder if she has a green face.”

God, Part 3

We had one of Anjali’s little classmates over for a playdate Saturday night, and in their conversation, God came up.  What is it with God these days?!  The friend, in referring to God, said “He.”

Anjali: “God isn’t He or She.  God is God.” (That’s right…indoctrination starts young!)

Friend: “God is Jesus.”

Anjali: “Well, when we went to Chuck E. Cheese’s we just saw the mouse.  We didn”t see God.”

Friend: “….”

Me: “Hey…who wants dinner?!”

Its all about dessert

We were at Nik’s Winter Program on Thursday…so cute, to see all the kids on stage, dressed their best, singing off-key (or in some cases, not singing at all, but crying for mommy to come get them!).

Anyway…at one point, Anjali had to go to the bathroom, and when we returned, I decided to stand at the back with her, and wait for a good time to sneak back into my seat.

Big mistake.

There were tables lining the ENTIRE back of the auditorium, loaded with platters of cookies, brownies, cupcakes (she calls them muffin-cakes), and other bits of scrumptiousness.

And she saw them.  And wanted.

I gave in and let her have a cookie.  And then another.  And then when she asked for more, I was a wimp and said that she’d have to wait until Daddy came over.  And I was sure that wouldn’t happen until the show was over.

So what did she do?

She marched right down the aisles to our row, went over to him, told him something which made him get right up and follow her back to where I was standing.

Then she said, “Daddy’s here.  I want a cookie.”

Testing her mama

A couple Wednesdays ago, when I picked up my daughter from her preschool/daycare, the teacher asked me why I was still sending her in diapers.


Because, she said, she pees in the toilet…

Oh no she didn’t.

My daughter, master manipulator.  At age 2.

So I asked the teacher to talk to my daughter about the benefits of going to the toilet at school AND AT HOME.

Yes…already, she listens to others over me.


Movie Nights

I started family movie nights on Saturdays. The kids really get into it, planning what movie they’re going to watch, anticipating the popcorn and candy, and just hugging themselves with glee.

We started with one of my favorite oldies, The Sound of Music. Pete thought the kids would like it because of the children and the songs, and they did! Lots of questions during the movie…

“Where are the CHILDREN, mom?” [whenever the scenes didn’t include them…this question got old very quickly!]

“Can we see the puppets again?”

“The mom, and the captain, and the grandma are REALLY PROUD of the children!” [I don’t know how to explain that the Baronness isn’t the grandma, she just has really ash blonde hair!]

And then they’ve been singing their versions of the songs all week long… or ask me to sing them.

Anjali: “My FAVORITE is yay-yay-yay-yay-hoo-hoo!”

Nik: “MY favorite is Doe, a deer!”

I love that they love one of my favorite movies!